Accumulated Spend Program

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Terms & Conditions
  1. There are two accumulated spend milestones within a 12-month qualifying period:
    1. For Country of Membership: Singapore
      1. Receive S$10 Rebate E-Voucher for S$150 Accumulated Spend
      2. Receive S$25 Rebate E-Voucher for S$250 Accumulated Spend

    2. For Country of Membership: Others
      1. Receive US$10 Rebate E-Voucher for US$150 Accumulated Spend
      2. Receive US$25 Rebate E-Voucher for US$250 Accumulated Spend

  2. Start date of the 12-month qualifying period is based on the date of registration into the revamped Times Privilege programme, and every anniversary thereafter.

  3. Transaction amount after discount and exclude GST (Qualifying Spend) at Times bookstores (only for Times bookstores at the following malls: Centrepoint, Jelita, Marina Square, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Tampines 1 and Waterway Point) and GoGuru are considered for computation of accumulated spend.

  4. Certain transactions are not eligible for the accumulation of the Qualifying Spend. These transactions include:
    1. the purchase of Cash Vouchers;
    2. payments which are collected by Times bookstores and GoGuru wholly or partially on behalf of other merchants; and
    3. such other ineligible transactions as we may specify from time to time.

  5. Except for Cash Vouchers, the value of all other types of E-Vouchers (including Rebate E-Vouchers) that are used to offset a purchase will not be taken into account for the purpose of accumulating the Qualifying Spend.

  6. The accumulated spend is reset for tracking after each successful Rebate E-Voucher redemption, or end of each 12-month qualifying period.

  7. Within the 12-month qualifying period, any excess spending that has crossed over one milestone will be carried over and considered towards meeting the accumulated spend for another milestone.

  8. The Rebate E-Vouchers earned must be redeemed within 3 months from issuance, and they are not tied to any minimum spend.

  9. The Rebate E-Voucher can only be applied on regular priced items at Times bookstores.