It’s easy to download and redeem E-Vouchers via the Times Privilege app.

How to Download E-Vouchers

Step 1 - Tap on the Deals icon at the bottom of the Times Privilege app to view the list of Deals from our partners.

Step 2 - Choose a specific perk to read more about the deal at the Deals Details screen. You can also select from the Featured Deals list at the Home screen

Step 3 - Tap on the Download to Wallet button at the Deals Details screen to push the E-Voucher to your Wallet. Login is required.

How to Redeem E-Vouchers

Step 1 - Tap on the Wallet icon at the bottom of the app to view list of downloaded E-Vouchers. Login is required.

Step 2 - Choose the desired E-Voucher to redeem from the list on the Available tab

Step 3 - For redemption at a physical outlet, flash the E-Voucher to merchant. Merchant will tap on the Redeem button and key in the Verification Code (mandatory) and
Transaction No. (optional).

Step 4 - For redemption on GoGuru (online store), key in the E-Voucher Serial No. into the Coupon Code field at Shopping Cart

Step 5 - You can also view the redeemed E-Vouchers and expired E-Vouchers from the Redeem and Expired tabs respectively

Now that you know how to download and redeem E-Vouchers, view the E-Vouchers available to you in your Wallet, or check out the various attractive deals from our partners!

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